The Warehouse - (919) 929-8020 - 316 Rosemary St., Chapel Hill, NC  27516
building picture Frequently Asked Questions

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What are architectural objects of desire?
    These are interesting and individual items selected by our designers and attached to the interior of each apartment. Examples are sections of iron fence, old wooden columns, or unique mirrors. Every apartment will be a little different and special.
Is there a separate charge for using the fitness center? What's available there?
    No, there is no additional charge for using the fitness center. The center is equipped with treadmills, recumbent bicycles, stair climbers, an elyptical machine, free weights, a rowing machine, plus other extras.
What provisions have you made for internet connections?
    There will be a network connection in each bedroom that will allow direct T-1 internet access at speeds up to 1.5 megabits/second (forty times faster than standard dial-up modem connections). There is a charge for this service, so get details from Networking Enterprises if you're interested.

Also, each bedroom and living room in The Warehouse will have two phone lines, for a total of up to ten separate phone lines per apartment. There is the possibility of five different phone conversations and five different internet sessions, in the same apartment, at the same time. Even more simultaneous connections are possible with the high-speed network connection described above.

Are laundry facilities offered?
    Each apartment includes a large-capacity, stackable GE washer and dryer.
Are pets allowed?
    We welcome gerbils, birds, and fish, but we do not allow dogs or cats.
What lease terms are available?
    Leases are for 12-month terms, and all leases guarantee that rent will not increase during their terms. Subleasing is allowed with permission of the management.
What utilities are residents responsible for?
  • Electricity (Duke Power - 967-8231)
  • Telephone (BellSouth - local service: 780-2355, out of state: 1-800-767-2355)
  • Cable (Time Warner Cable - 968-4631)
  • High-Speed Internet Access (Networking Enterprises - 933-4096) (optional)
  • Water and sewer service are billed by the management.
Where can residents park?
    There are two parking lots belonging to The Warehouse. One of these lots is under the building (underground) and the other is behind the building, and both are well-lit twenty-four hours a day.

Each apartment may rent up to two parking spaces in these lots. These spaces will be monitored by residents, who will have a phone number to call to tow illegally parked cars.

Other nearby parking, not in The Warehouse's lots, may be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Availability is limited, and fees will range from $40 - $80 per month depending on location. We also encourage residents to take advantage of our free downtown bus service!

What fire safety features does The Warehouse offer?
    We take fire safety very seriously. We provide:
  • Smoke alarms and heat-sensitive sprinkler heads in each apartment
  • Fire extinguishers in each atrium
  • Fire alarm pull stations and fire extinguishers in the building's common areas
  • Masonry walls, floors, and ceilings (which resist fire) for even more security
Nowhere else in Chapel Hill will you find all the safety features of The Warehouse. For more about this, please see our Facts to Comfort Your Parents.
What are "central locking" and "voice identification"?

Voice identification is a security system using an intercom and dedicated phone line at the front gate. Arriving guests call from the front gate to the resident they wish to visit. Then the resident answers his or her telephone, talks to the guest, and can choose to unlock the gate from inside the apartment.

Central locking means that once a guest enters, the front gate is automatically locked again when it closes. Since all exterior gates are self-locking, only residents can let themselves in.

Only residents and their guests will be allowed in The Warehouse. For more about our security features, please see our Facts to Comfort Your Parents.

What are your smoking policies?
    For the health of our tenants, as well as the "health" of the building, the management of The Warehouse requests that residents adhere to smoking regulations. Since an apartment is a private residence, residents are free to smoke inside their apartments. We do request that residents use a portable air filtration system if they smoke, both as a courtesy to their roommates and to prevent build-up of odors and stains inside their apartment.

No smoking will be allowed in the central atrium areas, elevator lobbies, hallways, or fitness center.

If residents smoke outside the building, we request and sincerely hope that they will be mindful of keeping the area around The Warehouse as attractive as possible by properly disposing of cigarette butts and matches.

Is "elyptical" supposed to be spelled that way?
    Yes. Although the word "elliptical", meaning like an ellipse, is spelled differently, "elyptical" is the name of a piece of exercise equipment.