The Warehouse - (919) 929-8020 - 316 Rosemary St., Chapel Hill, NC  27516
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We've worked hard to create a place that is safe, comfortable, and convenient.

We believe that our fire safety and security features are among the best in Chapel Hill. In addition, we offer a fitness center, laundry facilities in each apartment, superior internet access, and on-site management, and our downtown location allows residents to walk to campus or to many great restaurants. All of this added together means that it's possible to live quite well here, even without a car.

Safe and Secure

Fire Safety

We take fire safety very seriously. We've worked closely with the local Fire Chief and incorporated special fire safety features into The Warehouse to ensure the safety of all residents.

The building itself has been constructed with fire-resistant masonry walls, floors and ceilings. fire extinguisherThere are heat-sensitive sprinkler heads in each bedroom, living room, and kitchen, and fire extinguishers in the common areas.

There is a smoke detector within five feet of each bedroom, fire alarm pull stations in the common area on each floor, and Chapel Hill Fire Station #1 is just 2 ½ blocks away.

Emergency Service

We'll always be available by phone, even when our office is closed. In case there's an emergency, we will have a phone number residents can call for assistance twenty-four hours a day.



The Warehouse has been designed and built with superior security features. It is a completely secured building, allowing only residents with key cards to open the outside gates.

The main entrance, on Rosemary Street, is a locked entrance door. Guests will go to this entrance and call their host's apartment through a dedicated intercom system. The resident can then open the door using the intercom system. The door will lock automatically once it closes behind the guest.

All other entrances to The Warehouse require a key card to enter. Our key cards are a type that cannot be easily duplicated.

The entry to each apartment is protected by an eight-foot-high solid-core wooden door in a metal frame. This door is fitted with a commercial-grade (stronger than residential grade) keyed passage lever, a deadbolt, and a peephole.

In addition, we have a security guard on duty every night, just to make sure everything's OK.


door key

Fitness Center

exercising peopleWe are very proud of our fitness center. Located on the first floor, the approximately 1,200 square-foot center is a state-of-the-art workout haven. Inside is some of the newest fitness training equipment you'll find anywhere.

Of course, we provide treadmills, stair climbers, recumbent bicycles, elyptical machines, and free weights, as well as an area for stretching and relaxing. We even have a boxing area. There is also a four-station Batca M4 multi-function machine, which allows users to do more than thirty weight-training activities.

Once exercise time is over, residents' own showers are right there in their own apartments.

Easy-to-Find Management

The offices of The Warehouseopen door are located on the first floor and will be open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. There, residents can pay rent, request maintenance, and ask questions. Apartment seekers are also welcome to stop by for information or a tour.

Fast Internet Access

Each bedroom and living room in The Warehouse has two phone lines, for a total of up to ten separate phone lines per apartment. There is the possibility of five different phone conversations and five different internet sessions, in the same apartment, at the same time. world map Roommates won't have to fight for phone time.

For even faster access, Networking Enterprises provides a T-1 connection for The Warehouse. There is a network connection in each bedroom that allows internet access at speeds up to 1.5 megabits/second (forty times faster than standard dial-up connections). There is a charge for this service, so see their web site for details.

Washers and Dryers

No longer will students have to bring home piles of dirty laundry for Mom and Dad to do. They won't even have to lug it to a local laundromat and attempt to study while waiting for a free dryer. That's because every apartment in The Warehouse has an extra-large capacity, stackable, GE washer and dryer in place and ready for use.


Nearby Restaurants

plate, fork, and knife One of the most appealing features of downtown living is having great restaurants nearby. Chapel Hill is known for the variety and quality of its eating establishments. The Warehouse, located in the heart of downtown Chapel Hill, is within an easy walk of more than fifty restaurants.

The building itself is "sandwiched" between Breadmen's Restaurant (known for their breakfasts) and Pantana Bob's. Looking out from the front entrance, one can see Ham's, right there on Franklin Street, with the Carolina Brewery just a few doors down. We're also just blocks away from Starbucks coffee shop and Top of the Hill restaurant.

You can find out more about local food offerings at

trackstracksCar-Optional Location

The campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is located just three blocks east of The Warehouse, so it is not necessary to drive or even take the bus to campus (see our Map to Campus).

little busChapel Hill's bus service is widely used, and residents may wish to consider it for transportation to work or perimeter shopping. There is a bus stop directly in front of The Warehouse on Rosemary Street, and bus service is free in Chapel Hill!

If a car is absolutely necessary, we do have on-site parking. Details are on our frequently asked questions page.