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About the web directory:

Please choose whether you want your contact and artistic specialty information to be accessible through our on-line directory of artists and organizations. If you check the box next to "Please include in the web directory", all the information you provide except your street address will be included in the on-line database - we exclude street addresses from our web listings. The on-line directory will list your name, any organization information, city, art areas, descriptions, e-mail address, web address, and phone and fax numbers.

Please note that this option is selected by default, but we completely understand if you wish to protect your privacy by de-selecting it. You can still receive our newsletter and mailings and be part of our listserv even if you choose not to be part of the web database.

About the Orange County Arts Commission listserv:

The Arts Commission plans to set up a listserv for use by local artists and arts organizations. A listserv is a group of people who can send e-mail messages to the entire group easily, by just sending a message to a single e-mail address ("The listserv is interested in hearing about new funding"). The word "Listserv" can also describe the computer system that manages the group's information ("The listserv is working very quickly today").

Individuals can join or leave the listserv at will, and no one has to keep track of a long list of e-mail addresses. This can be a great way for an on-line community to share information, opportunities, and feedback with each other.

By checking the box labeled "Please sign me up for the forthcoming e-mail listserv", you are allowing us to include you, and your e-mail address, in the initial group who will send and receive messages as part of this new service. You'll be able to unsubscribe from the service at any time, but we hope that you'll enjoy sharing information and ideas with other local artists.

Example of an art area description:

(For the art area "Music")
West African music with instrumental and vocal tunes from diverse cultures, using traditional instruments and lyrics. Experienced in school and youth-oriented performances and residencies.

Example of an organization description:

We share our affection for and knowledge of whittling through local shows and competitions, regular meetings, and occasional excursions to premier whittling events. Emphasis is currently on American and Western European techniques, but we're very interested in learning about other techniques.

Example of an organization mission:

To share the delight we have as ballet dancers, increase our own classical dance skills, and encourage public understanding of and appreciation for ballet as an avenue to health, art, and community.

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