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How do you list with the Orange County arts directory?
  • Please read the brief instructions below. (You may wish to print or bookmark this page for reference.)
  • Prepare all requested information for the web form before filling it out.
  • For additional help, see links to examples in the web forms.
  • After preparing, click on one of the links below to fill in a web listing form. 

Who May be Listed?

To be listed in the Orange County Arts Directory, you must be a professional artist or organization that is based in or provides arts services in Orange County, North Carolina.

Should You List as an Artist or an Organization?

In most cases, we ask that you choose whether to list yourself as either an individual artist or as an organization depending on whether you are known professionally by your own name or that of your organization. If you are an artist with your own business, please complete both an organization listing form and a separate form for yourself as an artist. For example, a professional artist who owns a private gallery.

How Should You Write a "Description" for Your Listing?

The art area descriptions are very important. Though the Arts Commission plans to add images to the Directory, at this time, the written description is the only way arts patrons and professionals can distinguish you from other artists or organizations.  The listing description offers the user a window into your work, so the more specific your description in the 30 words limit, the better.  For artist descriptions, include the type of work you do, the media, and any styles, themes, or subjects with which you work.  For organization descriptions, include major services or programs, constituencies, and organization structure. Each listing may select up to three art areas from a list and then describe each of those art areas.

Users of the Directory may locate someone in two ways: by clicking on an art area (such as dance or visual art-2D) or by entering a word or phrase in the keyword search section.  Keyword searches find specific text in your listing that matches their search terms.  For example, if they enter the text, "Dan" in attempt to find a specific artist, the results will include anyone named Danny, Daniel, or Dan.  If the user enters the text, "garden" because they want to purchase artwork for their garden, the results will include any listing with "garden" in their description.

How Should You Write You Organization Description and Mission?

While an organization description tells what an organization does (example here), its mission should tell what the overall goal of the organization is (example here). If your organization doesn't have an official mission statement, it may help to think of a mission as the goal of your organization, and the description as how you work towards achieving that goal. We ask that you limit both the organization's description and mission to 30 words or fewer, and we reserve the right to edit longer blocks of text.

What if Your Listing or Update Does Not Appear?

If you've already given us your information or updates, please be patient. We check each addition and change before adding it to our office database, and then we upload the database to the web site on an occasional basis. If it's been over a month and your listing still doesn't appear, you may not have chosen "Please include in the web directory". Feel free to contact us to make sure this is set correctly.

If you have any further questions, email us at

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