2008-9: Our Greek Season  


Our third season is one of collaborations with our fellow Durham-based companies. Taking the ancient plays of the Greeks as a starting point, we'll be delving into the mayhem of love & marriage; the power of ancient stories vs. the forces of anti-art; and finding light in the depths of the underworld.

Our theatrical mentors, Manbites Dog, will team up with LGP to tell a story that comes to us from Aeschylus ( The Suppliant Women) via Charles L. Mee, one of the most prolific and profound living playwrights. He's given us his blessing to reinterpret his Big Love and others in something we call Fistful Of Love. Thanks, Chuck!

The Island is South African playwright Athol Fugard's meditation on the power of archetypes and art. Two political prisoners stage Antigone as a way to comprehend the madness of the apartheid that threatens to vaporize their souls. With Thaddaeus Edwards and LaMark Wright of Durham's New Traditions Theatre.

With the uber-original both hands theatre company we've commissioned a play based on Greek stories and they've come to us with Up Styx Creek. A spelunking of underworld myths, expect both hands' signature scored text and tighter-than-tight choreography.

We'd like to thank all of you who made our Russian and German seasons critical hits. Little Green Pig is here to challenge and provoke with our stories, characters, and ideas. The artists start the spark and the audience completes the circuit.

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I Remain,

Jay O'Berski

Artistic Director