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Europe Central "Preview" Video

video "trailer" for Europe Central more

Interview about Europe Central

Manbites Dog's Associate Managing Director Katja Hill conducts an interview with Jay O'Berski and John Justice. more

Tennessee Falls

It's common knowledge that Tennessee Williams met his death in a New York City hotel. Less-well-known is that in the last seconds of his life, he was visited by the comforting spirit of his beloved Anton Chekhov. For the first time, here is an account of their chat about plays, compassion, and the splendor of women. more

A Room of Their Own: Thoughts on the film The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant

Fassbinder made 43 films before he died. If his house had 43 rooms, then The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant was the stifling, airless and perfumed boudoir. more

Interview with Katja Hill

Interview with the director and adapter of Little Green Pig's "The Bitter Tears Of Petra von Kant" more

Fassbinder 1967-1976: The Years of Theater

Before Rainer Werner Fassbinder became identified with the New German Cinema in the 1970s, he worked in theater directing and writing plays between 1967 and 1976. more

Russian Metaphor

poem by Kit Wienert, offered in response to In the Doghouse more

In the Doghouse Video Short

Video "trailer", for "In The Doghouse: the Execution of Dostoyevsky". more

Comedy plus Dostoyevsky: Sources for "In the Doghouse"

Michael Smith, playwright, tells where he got all his good ideas for "In the Doghouse: The Execution of Dostoyevsky", and recommends some good books. more

Cherry Orchard Video Short

Another video "trailer", this time for "The Cherry Orchard". more

Black Voices: On race, theater, art and acting.

Actors and artists from our 2006 production of "The Cherry Orchard" talk about the interaction of race and theater. more

Russia During Chekhov's Lifetime

Checkhov's life began a year before the 1861 Russian emancipation, saw the rein of three Tsars, and ended within months of Bloody Sunday. The forces at work within Russia shaped the outlook of all citizens of the Empire, including this brilliant writer. more

Three Sisters Video Short

We love the short video "trailer" created from our production of Three Sisters (on Ice). more

An interview with Three Sisters director Jay O'Berski

In this interview, director Jay O'Berski gives artsy voyeurs the inside info. on the creative process behind Three Sisters (on Ice). more

Chekhov & Beckett: Weird on Top, Wild at Heart

In which John Justice asserts that "Chekhov is Beckett with a twist." more

Experiments in Realism: A Performance History of Three Sisters

A brief look at Three Sisters in performance, from the play's naturalistic beginnings in Russia in 1901, to more experimental modern adaptations, such as Little Green Pig's production. more


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