About the Company  


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The Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern is the new incarnation of Shakespeare & Originals, a nonprofit theatre company that has been bringing high octane work to Triangle audiences since 1999. Our new model is European but accessible, strange and dreamlike but familiar and immediate.

Little Green Pig is dedicated to Enlightenment values: exploration of imagination, questioning traditional values and subjecting our work to the light of Reason. Our form involves choosing one focus country each season and presenting three original or adapted productions based on the spirit of that place.

Approaches include:

  • using humor as a tool in tragedy and vice versa;
  • instilling all work with a palpable sense of drive and edge;
  • nontraditional casting whether by gender or race;
  • deconstruction and “violation” of sacred texts while maintaining plot and character;
  • respect for the artist’s time and talent;
  • environmental staging in nontraditional locations whenever feasible.

We do not list auditions on this web site. When we have open auditions, they will be publicized through normal media channels (e.g., The Independent Weekly).