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What makes these sweaters unique is their designer, Barbara Duane Day McMullan. She learned to knit as a young child and has been knitting and designing sweaters for as long as she can remember. In fact, she can remember writing sweater directions as a college freshman English essay. Her designs tend to be detailed and more complex than many sweaters, because those are the kinds of designs she enjoys doing.

She is always making new designs and has lately been working on a child's sweater. She is also willing to consider commissions for particular design ideas clients might have.

Barbara has been living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina for over 40 years and has four children (two of whom can be seen here modeling her work) and six grandchildren.

Barbara says:

"Designing sweaters has been a very joyful and challenging hobby of mine for many years. I hope you enjoy knitting them and wearing them as much as I have enjoyed their creation."

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