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Club Mom
Club Mom is a fun and friendly site for moms. The message boards are lively and cover just about every subject imaginable. Moms have access to checklists, calendars, horoscopes, contests, and many more resources. Best of all, membership is FREE.


Home-Based Working Moms
HBWM is committed to bringing working moms closer to their children. Members receive product discounts, free advertising and other special offers, ebooks, and other resources. Members have been featured in national and regional publicity pieces. The $49 membership fee is well worth the investment.


Mothers’ Home Business Network
This is a great resource site, committed to being a mom’s first step to working at home. To keep work-at-home scams to a minimum, the site very carefully reviews job listings before recommending them to moms. It features job listings, free stuff for moms, and the homeworkingmom mall for great deals for moms. Membership is $59.95.
Mom’s Work-At-Home-Kit
The "Mom's Work-At-Home-Kit" was created by mom, Lesley Spencer, who also founded Home-Based Working Moms network. The kit includes a work-at-home workbook, which is a guide to selecting and starting the perfect home business, a 1-year membership to Home-Based Working Moms network, a keepsake box, newsletter subscription, and much more. The cost of the kit is $119 and can be purchased online.

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