L'Tanya DuranteI'm L'Tanya Durante, a Life Coach especially for working moms - and all moms are working moms. I also publish Mom Matters, a free e-mail bulletin.

To say that women, and particularly mothers, juggle many roles is an understatement. As a working mother myself, I am all too familiar with the frustration that goes along with this kind of feat. Many of us wake up unhappy and go to bed unhappy because we have taken care of everyone but ourselves.

If you...

-Have difficulty finding balance in your life
-Have lost touch with what you really want
-Introduce yourself as his wife or his/her mom
-Feel guilty about taking time just for yourself
-Feel completely exhausted at the end of the day


I would love to work with you. As your coach, I will become your creative partner. Together we'll find or create solutions to help you make significant changes in your life the kind of changes that bring about your peace of mind. You'll discover who you are, what really matters to you, and ways to live a life that honors your values.

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